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Hide-A-Hose Central Vacuum System


Hide-A-Hose - Solves the problem of carrying and storing a central vacuum hose.
Simply pull out the amount of hose you need and begin vacuuming.
When you're finished, the suction from the central vacuum power unit retracts the hose.
Hose lengths are customized according to the size of the floor. Each inlet can cover up to 2300 square feet

A central vacuum cleaner offers numerous benefits over a traditional portable vacuum cleaner. Because of its powerful motor and large air flow, central vacuums pick up deep down dirt, dust and debris, even microscopic particles like pollen, mold spores and dust mites. Central vacuums eliminate all those dust particles you see in the air after vacuuming with a portable as well as that familiar "vacuum smell." Unlike a traditional vacuum cleaner, which recirculates into the air some of the dirt and particles it picks up, a central vacuum removes 100% of all vacuumed dirt, particles and allergens from the home. A Central Vacuum System equipped with Hide-A-Hose eliminates heavy equipment to lug around, no cords to trip over or catch on furniture, no clunky unit nicking the furniture and woodwork as you move from room to room. The lightweight hose and attachments is easy to carry. Because the noise from the system is generated in an out-of-the-way area, vacuuming with a central vac system makes less noise than a hairdryer or clothes dryer. Quiet enough to vacuum in the same room as a sleeping child!

Central vacuum hoses can range from 20 to 50 feet. The central vacuum hose can be plugged into the inlet valve or be self-contained within the tubing in the wall.  A newer self-contained hose eliminates the need to carry a bulky central vacuum hose and find a place to store it. The Hide-A-Hose central vacuum system uses suction to draw the hose into the vacuum tubing in the wall for storage.

Central vacuums hoses can be equipped with an air-driven power brush. Central vacuum air-driven (or turbine) power brushes frequently are less expensive because they don't require electrical wires for power to be run to each wall inlet. Many users find that the high suction of central vacuums is more than sufficient by itself for most casual cleaning jobs, but reserve a powered brush tool for more difficult tasks.  A great Christmas present for the someone special for 2019! 

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